Show Up: Living with Purpose

life each day of your life with purpose

I have a serious question…

How satisfied are you with how your life is going?

If your answer to this question is that I’m pretty satisfied with how my life is going, or some variation of that, then good for you! Keep on doing what you’re doing.

For those of you who aren’t too satisfied with how your life is going, this next part is for you.

People can live a hundred years and end up not truly living a single day of those hundred years feeling satisfied. If you’re wondering how this can be true, then ponder this…

What’s the point in living a hundred years if you’re not going to make sure that you make those years count? If you aren’t going to make a difference in the lives of others? Are you kind? Respectful? Are you driven? Humble? Devoted? Do you show up for what matters and do you say no to the things that don’t?

If you’re not living a life that you enjoy, then are you truly living? Your life should be full of meaningful moments.  Sometimes the first step to finding satisfaction, is to choose positivity over negativity. To choose joy.

You can do this by becoming more aware of how you’re feeling and when you’re feeling it. Pay attention to your emotions as they happen and choose your responses wisely.

Unexpected and unwanted things will enter into your life. We are all going to deal with difficult moments. We don’t have to let these moments stop us from living our life with joy.

Part of living with joy and intention is living in a way that gives you a purpose and fulfillment, not emptiness. If you’re not feeling fulfilled then it’s your job to go out into the world and find that something that makes you excited to live. And don’t live somebody else’s version of your life. Live your version.

When Yasutaro Koide, the oldest man in the world, died this past January at 112 years old, an interview with him was published. He was quoted as saying that his secret to living a long life was due to the fact that he tried to not overdo things and that he tried to live with joy. He was intentional about his own joy and satisfaction. In his life, he showed up and lived it well.

So choose positivity, live intentionally, find your purpose, and simply show up.

– Cheryl