Measuring Success in Leadership

measuring success in leadership

If you feel your job matters, then you feel that you matter.

As a leader, it is important to affirm and support every person with whom you come into contact.

It’s interesting that we have become a data driven society – one that wants facts and figures to back up every decision.

It’s also interesting that sometimes we end up measuring the wrong thing, in an effort to prove a point.

Our school system over tests students and over analyzes testing scores. No one really understands what this measures – the student learning? The teacher’s ability to teach? How about the administrator’s ability to inspire?

I sit back and wonder about the judgement and leadership of the system. I believe it is an example of measuring the wrong thing.

It happens frequently if we aren’t vigilant – people feel anonymous, unimportant and unfulfilled. No measurement changes that until leadership changes.

All people want to be appreciated. They want to know that they matter.

People want to see a connection between what they are doing and the future.

They want to know that their contribution matters to people who care.

People need to measure their own success. Standards need to be clear – measurable – achievable.

  • Laugh with people.
  • Know their cares.
  • Ask about their families.
  • Make every moment count.

People join organizations – they stay because leadership is inspiring and life giving.

Be certain that what you measure is what matters!